Optimize your Supply Chain, Accommodate Change, and Embrace Digital Business


Today’s manufacturers face increasing pressure to respond faster to changing customer and market demands while balancing the needs of a complex global supply chain and local/regional market requirements. Adding to the challenge is the need to develop a digital business strategy to help them prepare for disruption and reshape their businesses to support future growth while keeping legacy systems operating efficiently, despite increasing pressure on IT budgets and ever-changing government regulations. No easy task.

In today’s digital world, organizations need to have an IT partner who can help define the best strategy and implement the right technology solutions to support it. Having helped many of the industry’s leading manufacturers worldwide for more than 20 years, NTT DATA’s Manufacturing practice is an ideal choice.

NTT DATA’s Manufacturing Practice: The Power of Experience

NTT DATA is a top 10 global IT services company and part of the NTT Group, one of the world’s largest telecommunications and IT services companies. Our continually evolving practice combines industry best practices with the optimal use of technologies to provide manufacturers with industry-leading visibility, agility, and efficiency. In addition, we have an unsurpassed track record of success supporting large enterprise solutions from leading software vendors, such as SAP and Oracle.


Whether you are looking to create a more flexible and cost-effective IT infrastructure or unlock business value from your data, NTT DATA offers manufacturers a wide range of solutions and services.

Enterprise Solutions
  • SAP for Manufacturing – NTT DATA is an SAP Global Partner with more than 8,000 SAP consultants’ worldwide and 45+ business process–specific and best practice offerings that can be leveraged by manufacturers.

  • Oracle for Manufacturing – NTT DATA is an Oracle Platinum Partner with 2,900 Oracle consultants worldwide and deep experience in the manufacturing industries.

  • Enterprise-Grade Digital Business – Gain a new level of efficiency and visibility with Enterprise-Grade Digital Business by NTT DATA. We can help you turn data into a strategic resource, formulate products to individual customer specifications, manage variability, optimize capacity, and drive continuous process improvement. Explore our rich portfolio of Enterprise-Grade Digital Business services, from strategy to design and implementation to optimization. As a result, you’ll be able to optimize your supply chain and create a foundation for agile and advanced integrated manufacturing excellence.

  • Application Services – Look to NTT DATA for application development, management, and outsourcing, legacy modernization and mobility, as well as, quality assurance, testing, and other services to optimize your applications.

  • Infrastructure services – Build an infrastructure that's agile, responsive, and value rich.

  • Cloud Solutions – Let NTT DATA help you adopt cloud-based solutions to drive unprecedented flexibility, improve access to IT assets, and reduce the costs of conducting business.

  • Business Intelligence and Analysis– Leverage data to uncover insights to optimize business processes and performance.

Industry Solutions
  • Discrete Manufacturing – Leverage NTT DATA’s unique SAP enhancements, including templates and industry-specific solution add-ons, as well as Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Fusion, and business intelligence and analytics applications to make smarter decisions that drive faster results and provide the flexibility to embrace growth.

  • NTT DATA focuses heavily on providing industry-specific digital, analytics, and application solutions for automotive, electronics and high tech, pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturers.