SAP Rollout for the Cement division of an Indian Multinational

NTT DATA’s business analysis team helped the client successfully implement an SAP ERP system into their process using the existing parent company’s solution as a base/reference

Business Problem

The management of a leading cement company wanted to implement their existing SAP ERP system for the white cement product line. Their existing system was currently functional only for their grey cement product line.

The challenge with implementing this system for the white cement product line was that the market for this product was primarily retailers, thus involving many partners to the system. The need was to have all the partners – retailers, stockists, and other agents – to go-live at the same time. Adding to the complexity was the different types of marketing schemes that needed to be automated within the system.


NTT DATA’s business analysts helped automate various processes in an integrated fashion, like:

  • Finance and payment management
  • Credit management
  • Budget generation
  • Down payment management

1400+ objects were built as part of the various non-standard developments for automating the required organizational processes.

The client had 27 marketing and distribution schemes such as Growth scheme, Putty scheme, Stockist scheme, etc. for the white cement product. NTT DATA automated all 27 schemes helping provide real-time information to distributors, dealers, finance department, and the head office.


NTT DATA helped the client successfully achieve the following:

  • Single system for all partners – retailers, stockists, and other agents – resulting in better usability
  • Transparency across departmental activities enabling reliability, easier maintenance of records, and pragmatic decision making at the senior management level
  • Automation and integration of all marketing schemes enabling real-time information to all partners and the head office
  • Increase in employee productivity and improved accuracy resulting from process automation