SAP HCM and Success Factors’ Hybrid Implementation for a Pharma Company

NTT DATA’s team successfully implemented the SAP and SuccessFactors modules while meeting all the FDA compliance requirements.


The client wanted to transition from their existing manual system to an automated Learning Management System (LMS) to make their process less time consuming and more efficient.

Further, the Client needed the system to be able to receive all the SOPs electronically into the server and simultaneously converting them to SuccessFactors format.


NTT DATA successfully implemented the SAP HCM, PA, OM modules, BizX suite, and the SuccessFactors EP and LMS modules.

  • Hybrid implementation where both SAP HCM on-premise and SuccessFactors were implemented together
  • Transitioned the existing manual system to LMS
  • Receive the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) electronically on the client server and convert to SuccessFactors format
  • Understood the complex rules and assigning training needs of 3000 employees and integrated in the system functionality
  • The LMS solution was tailored to meet all FDA compliance and audit requirements

This system also made available the department and company level compliance tracking reports for proper scrutiny.


NTT DATA’s solution thus helped the pharmaceutical company in achieving the following:

  • An efficient LMS system tailored to suit their specific requirements
  • An automated learning management system that was much faster and way more efficient that the previously used manual system
  • An automated LMS that could understand the requirements and training needs of each and every employee and make recommendations accordingly