Application Development and Management

Leverage Innovation to Turn Strategies into Actions


Every enterprise has a growth strategy, but too often IT resources aren't aligned to support it. To drive business growth, you need to bring innovation wherever it’s needed — whether to fast-track new initiatives, update inefficient legacy systems, or take advantage of new technologies and channels.

NTT DATA’s Application Development and Management (ADM) Services give you the speed and agility you need to drive your most critical business needs. Equally important, our work is backed by a consistent focus on business process, usability, quality assurance, and technology best practices.

Architecture Strategy and Design

Systems need to be architected from the start to support your enterprise cost-effectively today while allowing easy adaptability tomorrow. NTT DATA Americas' IT architects collaborate closely with you to understand and bridge the gaps between your business strategies and the technologies that support them.

Business Analysis Services

47% of project failures are related to requirements challenges. Get consistent, predictable project results with NTT DATA’s award-winning business analysis (BA) services. We provide the knowledge, expertise, and accelerators that are necessary to deliver high-quality requirements, quickly – setting up projects for success from the start. NTT DATA provides a complete range of business analysis services that spans enterprise analysis, requirements engineering, and business analysis enablement to help you get requirements right, the first time. The result: solutions that deliver greater business value at a reduced cost in less time.

Application Development and System Integration

NTT DATA Americas combines a holistic, interdisciplinary approach with a global application development and delivery environment that encourages team members to share ideas and best practices. You get the right global team, assured usability, consistent quality – and sharply reduced development time.

Quality Assurance and Testing

According to one estimate, global IT failures cost $3 trillion per year. Too often, the cause is poor quality software -- software that doesn't perform as expected, satisfy user needs, or deliver intended benefits. At NTT DATA Americas, we've mastered the science of software quality by developing a complete range of innovative testing services spanning test design, automation, mobility, and performance. With our help, you can build quality into your software -- right from the start -- while dramatically accelerating the testing process. The result is software that fully supports your success and is easier to maintain and update

Application Management and Outsourcing

To drive business growth, applications must continue to deliver value throughout their lifecycles. At NTT DATA Americas, we help ensure your applications stay optimized by continuously measuring and analyzing their performance – using real business metrics – and making improvements. The resulting cost savings can range from 25% to 40%.

Application Modernization

Modernizing outdated, inflexible, and costly-to-maintain applications is key to reducing costs, gaining agility, and pursuing new digital business opportunities. With our deep application knowledge and proprietary accelerators, you can ensure your applications give you a business advantage.


In this mobile world, you need to ensure that your mobile solutions are user-centric, feature-rich, responsive, secure, well-managed, and where applicable, tightly integrated with your core systems -- across all major platforms, devices, network speeds, and input methods. NTT DATA is the one partner who can help you do it all.


By incorporating purpose, fun, and meaningful incentives into everyday work, gamification can help you motivate employees and customers, boosting business performance. Our team of game designers and behavioral psychologists creates highly engaging experiences that span the core areas of your business to stimulate innovation and improve bottom-line success.