Corporate Social Responsibility

NTT DATA is committed to its clients, employees, and in contributing to the communities in which we do business as a good corporate citizen.

NTT DATA is committed to its clients, employees, and in contributing to the communities in which we do business as a good corporate citizen. We accomplish this through:

  • The way in which we conduct business.
  • Leveraging technology to help shape a sustainable information-based society.
  • Charitable and cause-based programs and services and our commitment to employee volunteerism.
Being a Responsible and Ethical Employer

NTT DATA is a Global IT Innovator. Our three core values are “Clients First,” “Foresight,” and “Teamwork.” These unwavering principles direct the way we conduct business and ensure that employees practice them in their day-to-day business activities. In doing so, we continually contribute to a sustainable society. NTT DATA has also implemented a Global Compliance Policy, which provides overall action guidelines in terms of ethical standards.

Environmental Activities: NTT DATA’s commitment to the environment includes an environmental focus in our development of information systems. Our goal is to continually reduce the environmental impact of our hardware as we develop systems shortening running time and minimizing the movement of people and things. Our environmental efforts also include employee education and green purchasing. We are committed to using goods and services that have a relatively low environmental impact

Leveraging Technology for Society

NTT DATA strives for innovation through IT to contribute to solving human, social and environmental problems. To contribute to regional communities and society as a whole, significant ongoing results have been achieved in the development of solutions that help resolve a host of society’s problems in the health, public, and other sectors. NTT DATA is working actively to address these and other global issues.

Charitable and Cause-Based Programs

NTT DATA’s support of charitable and cause-based programs are both global and local. The following is a sample of some of the many programs.

Think Daily: We support the informational website Think Daily, which encourages people to think about the earth. The website sends reporters throughout the world to provide earth-focused news reports updated on a daily basis. The objective of Think Daily is to motivate people to keep our precious planet top of mind.

Women’s Initiative @NTT DATA (WIN):We launched an innovative Women’s Initiative in India to support the personal and professional development of female employees in that region. Through this initiative, we helped to unleash the potential of women by creating concrete policies around issue including maternity, fitness and stress, safety, self-defense, and sabbatical leaves. As a result, the gender gap in professional development has been minimized and women are represented in increasing numbers in management positions. The success of WIN in India has paved the way for the creation of a Global WIN team.

Food for Kids: NTT DATA has announced a three year commitment to support the North Texas Food Bank’s Food 4 Kids – Plano Program, which operates in an area adjacent to NTT DATA’s North American Corporate Headquarters in Texas. This program provides backpacks full of nonperishable, food for kids in need to take home each Friday afternoons.

Our Commitment to Employee Volunteerism

Partnership With Peace First: Peace First is a national nonprofit organization that partners with urban elementary and middle schools to teach and promote peacemaking and conflict resolution skills to students. The group’s goal is to create the next generation of peacemakers, role models, and problem solvers and to create compassionate and empathetic leaders who act as catalysts for change. NTT DATA supports Peace First with financial and volunteer support from our executive and employee ranks and with strategic guidance at partner schools in Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles.

Global Volunteer Week: Each December, NTT DATA participates in Global Volunteer Week, during which a variety of social contribution activities are conducted on a grassroots level based on local interests and local employees’ passion. Volunteers collect clothes, food, blankets, toys and eyeglasses. We clean beaches, parks and roadways, plant trees, and paint schools. In addition, we visit and comfort orphans, the blind, the aged, and our veterans. The variety of our efforts reflect the diversity of our teams and their interests and our dedication to our communities.