Web-Based Application created for Leading Manufacturing Company

The client, a leading supplier of pumps, required a stable, enterprise-wide system to help reduce overall time for the processes involved.


The client’s requirement was to reduce manual processes for sales service as it was cumbersome and time consuming. They wanted to implement the ERP system, which was already in use globally, for the processes in India. Further, they wanted to eliminate the desktop application which required users to work offline.

  • Improve efficiency and time management for sales service processes – ordering, approval, warranty tracking, and after sales support
  • Make data/information available to all authenticated and authorized application users at any time
  • Centralized data to generate MIS reports for stakeholders

The project implementation was distributed in 3 phases. NTT DATA has completed the first phase and has started with the second phase.

In the first phase, NTT DATA’s business analysts helped automate all sales service processes such as forecasting, indentation, approvals, reconciliation, tracking, and warranty support after sales service information.

Developed a web-based application for godown stock monitoring which was previously a desktop application. As a result, all the data is in a centralized repository now.


NTT DATA is still working on this project and the results listed are specific only to Phase 1 of the project.

  • A centralized repository for sales service data, enabling transparency and quick availability of data
  • Reduction in cycle time for overall after sales support, thereby increasing employee productivity and availability for other revenue generating activities
  • Reduction in overall manual processes for monthly, quarterly and annual report generation